About us

„National Energy Chamber“ is an association of the employers in the energy sector that was founded in April 2016.

It has eight founding members:

Electricity distribution companies: CEZ Bulgaria, EVN Bulgaria, Energo-Pro Varna;

Renewable energy generators are represented by: Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association; Bulgarian wind energy association and Hydro-energy Association;

Conventional energy producers: AES- 3C Maritza East 1, Contour Global Maritsa East 3

National Energy Chamber is a highly representative organization because:

Its members are operating in all segments of the electro-energy sector – generation, distribution and supply;

Includes different types of technologies and sources for generation both conventional and renewable – hydro, solar, wind and thermal power plants;

The total installed capacity for 2015 of the members of the Chamber is 3062 MW including:

  • 422 MW wind;
  • 427 MW solar:
  • 249 MW. hydro,
  • 455 MW- highly efficient co-generation;
  • 1508 MW conventional generation capacity –strategic, using local lignite and essential for the national security and the security of supply, fully compliant with EU and world environmental standards and utilizing latest technologies achieving high efficiency;

Represents the three main distribution companies in Bulgaria which operate, maintain and modernize power grid that covers almost all the territory of Bulgaria  – 150 000 km power lines, more than 80 000 transformers, substations and other elements of the electricity infrastructure and providing services to …..

Representing total investments of over EUR 5.5 billion in the energy sector;

The members of the Chamber employ over 10 000 people in the energy sector;

The members of the Chamber paid cumulatively over EUR 1 000 000 000 in taxes for the period 2005-2015.

The members of the Chamber are responsible corporate citizens of Bulgaria. They are engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility projects for a cumulative budget of around EUR 11 000 000 and participate and organize numerous CSR activities – educational, environmental, medical, sport and other community-based activities at local and national level.

The members of the Chamber are engaged and operate to the highest environmental standards and have invested in projects that provide for sustainable and reliable generation of energy. The CO2 savings that were achieved are above 1 326 000 tonnes annually.