Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association

Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association is a nonprofit organization unifying more than 400 companies from the Energy sector in Bulgaria.

BPVA’s mission is sustainable, low-carbon, modern and corresponding to the European Energy standards energy economy.

BPVA’s objectives are:

  • Stability and predictability of the legal and regulatory framework for the investors in the renewable energy sources;
  • Full implementation of the Third Energy Package of the European Union;
  • Promotion of the benefits for Bulgarian citizens and perspectives for the country of a common Energy Union’s creation;
  • Support by the national institutions of the newly set up climate and energy targets of the European Union by 2030;
  • 50% increase of the renewable energy share in the consumption;
  • To promote to the society positive effects from the production and consumption of green energy (in terms of climate health and environment);
  • Improvement of the conditions and the environment for new investments in renewable energy.

BPVA is associated member of SolarPower Europe, the new EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association).

Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association

  • 1000 Sofia, 42 Vitosha Blvd., Floor 2, App. 3
  • Tel.: +359 2 44 222 28
  • office@bpva.org
  • www.bpva.org