Welcome to the website of the National Energy Chamber!

“National Energy Chamber” has been established to be the key partner to the institutions in the process of development of the policies in Bulgarian energy sector.

Due to the size of our investments and the specifics of the energy sector, we – the members of the Chamber – are very important part of the Bulgarian economy. By our engagement as key partner to the responsible institutions in the energy sector, we will strive to achieve results entirely to the benefit of the Bulgarian society, namely: elimination of all controversial practices in the energy sector from the past and implementation of the highest management standards and best business practices. The modernization of the energy sector worldwide and the impact of these changes to Bulgaria makes us the main reasonable and engaged participant in the process of decision making for the implementation of the liberalized market, the policies for climate change, European energy union. Successful policies in the energy sector could be developed only in close dialog with us and taking into account all trends and changes in the sector at European level in accordance with the political documents, legal framework, Bulgarian legislation and in the best interest to the whole society. We trust for real cooperation and dialog with the Government, Parliament and the Regulator and truly believe that our expertise and willingness to participate in a legitimate process for reforming and modernization of the Bulgarian energy sector will lead to the so much desired stabilization and its transformation to the main pillar for economic growth and employment in full alignment with the European polices.

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