Roundtable “Funding Mechanisms in the fourth phase of the EU ETS”

03.04.2019 The National Energy Chamber in cooperation with two research institutes – the European Round Table on Climate Change and the Central Europe Energy Partners – organized a roundtable on “Funding mechanisms in the fourth phase of EU ETS”.

The Deputy Ministers of Energy, Environment and Waters and Finance – Mr. Zhecho Stankov, Mrs. Atanaska Nikolova and Mrs. Marinella Petrova took part in the discussion as well as representatives of the European Investment Bank, ESO and NEK, enterprises in the industry and energy sectors and non-governmental organizations.

The possibilities for funding policy measures for modernization and diversification of the energy sectors of low income countries in the EU were discussed, which aim at facilitating the transition to a cleaner and more efficient energy system. The ways in which Bulgaria can use these funds with a focus on small and medium-sized projects in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage, enhanced connectivity and innovation were discussed.

The event is the second of its kind for the National Energy Chamber, which last year invited the REKK Budapest Institute for a seminar on topics in the Fourth Energy Package. These expert roundtables are part of the open, professional and knowledge-based dialogue between state institutions and business, which the Chamber is practicing with the belief that it is a path to finding optimal regulatory decisions in the energy sector.

The paper presented is available for download in pdf. format here

The presentation in ppt. format is available here: 20190403 ERCSTCEEP – Presentation Sofia – EU ETS funding mechanisms