Bulgarian Wind Energy Association

Founded in June 2010, the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association unites the majority of companies active in the Bulgarian wind energy sector including wind energy producers, developers, financial and technical consultants and law firms. We have united our efforts with the aim to improve the environment for wind energy in Bulgaria.

We strive to be a trusted, honest, constructive and knowledgeable partner to the government, the legislature, non-governmental organizations, industry professionals and most of all the public who can rely on us to help the Bulgarian wind energy sector develop in a sustainable way for the common good.

We bring together decades of experience in wind energy from across the globe. We are your partner for open dialogue and answers to any questions on wind energy

The Bulgarian Wind Energy Association is a non-profit organization which promotes sustainable development of wind power and other forms of renewable energy on behalf of all stakeholders. With its work the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association strives to attain the following objectives:

  • Propagation of the concept of general wind energy utilization with the goal to sustainably promote the ecologically and economically necessary development of this energy source
  • Active work for the improvement of the legislative, regulatory, political and public framework and support for the use of wind energy
  • Support of the promotion and development of other renewable energy sources
  • Promotion and conduction of practical wind energy research in cooperation with universities and scientific institutions
  • Distribution of expert knowledge on the use of wind energy

Web site: http://www.bgwea.eu/