Hydroenergy Association

Hydroenergy Association is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of the strategic investors in energy production from hydropower plants in Bulgaria. Total installed capacity of the power plants of all participants in the Association is 250 MW, generating more than 514 942 MWh carbon free energy per year from renewable source of energy – water.

The mission of the Association is to be an independent and responsible partner of the Bulgarian citizen, businesses and institutions. Focused mainly on promoting the sustainable development of the hydropower sector, environmental protection and production of clean, renewable energy at a reasonable price.

The main focus of Hydroenergy Association is popularizing the role, benefits and contribution of Hydropower Plants as a generator of clean, affordable and reliable energy. The main objectives of the Association are associated with policies and strategies aimed at improving market conditions and developing the hydropower sector by means of:

      • Environmental protection
      • Sustainable development
      • Carbon free energy at a reasonable price
      • Conversance
      • Stable legislative and regulatory framework that is beneficial to all interested parties

As Hydropower is the world’s largest source of renewable energy and plays a vital role in reducing the world’s dependence on carbon, it is important that hydropower is situated/positioned as the oldest, the most ecological and affordable source of energy.