EVN Bulgaria

The EVN Bulgaria group was established after privatization of energy companies in the early 2005. Initially, EVN Bulgaria covered business activities related to the distribution and sale of electricity in South-east Bulgaria. Since December 2007 EVN Bulgaria is expanding its activity with two new companies – EVN TSEE which is licensed in electricity trading and EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia which is active in the field of heating supply in Plovdiv. Since 2009 EVN Bulgaria implements also projects in the field of renewable energy sources. The company benefits from the long-term experience and tradition of EVN AG Austria and is a reliable partner in the development and implementation of international project.

Key business activities of EVN Bulgaria:

  • Distribution, supply and trading with electricity and carbon emissions.
  • Production and supply of heat
  • Production of energy from renewable energy sources

EVN Bulgaria invested over BGN 1.3 billion in improving the energy infrastructure, production facilities and customer care for the period from 2005 to 2016. Within this period EVN Bulgaria has achieved significant results in energy efficiency, reducing the technological losses over the grid, customer service, modernization of its energy infrastructure and facilities, innovations, and in supporting the liberalization process of electricity market in Bulgaria.

Facts for EVN Bulgaria 2005 – 2016:

  • Over BGN 1.3 billion investments in energy infrastructure and customer care
  • Two new dispatching centers for grid management
  • Reduced technological costs below 9.5%
  • The most modern co-generation for heat and electricity on the Balkans
  • District cooling in Plovdiv, for the first time in Bulgaria
  • A modern 24/7call center
  • Online solutions and new customer initiatives